Adamson Barbecue | Legit Texas BBQ

About our barbecue place

At the restaurant, we make Central Texas style barbecue. That's big cuts of meat like brisket, spare ribs & sausage cooked with wood fires. Some of the meats take up to a day to prepare.

We do our best to cook enough meats to serve the lunch crowd. Since we don't serve any leftovers from the previous day, we do intend on selling out (or getting pretty close). Usually we're pretty good at estimating how much to cook, but some days we get slammed unexpectedly.

We're open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 2pm, or earlier if we sell out. If you arrive close to when we open, you'll probably have lots of meat to choose from. If you arrive close to when we close, we'll probably be running out of meats.

To ensure you get to try everything you want, arrive nice and early or place a pre-order for take-out!


Don't have time to wait in line? You can now pre-order fresh meats, sides, and desserts online! Click below to pre-order for pickup. Pickup is available Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

$100 minimum, three days notice required.

No Sunday or Monday pickups - sorry!


There's a small parking lot in front of our building that fills up quickly. Street parking on our block of Wicksteed Avenue is not permitted and tow trucks are known to poach around here. You can find legal parking one street North on Research Road- it's a 4-5 minute walk.

We understand you might be in a hurry- but please, don't park in our neighbours parking lots. If you park there, we won't serve ya. Please help us keep our relationship with our neighbours a positive one!