[DELIVERY] Rony's Chicken – Adamson Barbecue


[DELIVERY] Rony’s Chicken


Rony’s is a charcoal chicken shack in Hamilton. I always stop by on my way to Niagara! They are true masters of their craft. At the restaurant, their air dried chicken thighs are marinated in house-strained yogurt, and grilled over live coals.

Rony’s is unable to open since their space isn’t set up for physical distancing. They have been offering frozen packs of marinated chicken for home delivery within Hamilton and Oakville. This week, we’ll be helping deliver their meat & sauce through the GTA.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • 2 6-packs of air dried, marinated chicken thighs (ready to grill)
  • 1 pint of yogurt sauce

The air-dried chicken thighs grill up exceptionally well and is truly my favourite chicken I’ve ever had. -Adam

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