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Due to overwhelming demand on certain days of the year (Christmas and Superbowl), we will only be offering WHOLE PIECES of meat, unsliced. We simply do not have the time or manpower to slice the amount of orders we receive for these days. Please do not order from this page for normal everyday pre-orders.

The good news is that the meat will be much better when you slice it fresh for your guests! For the superbowl, we’re offering whole briskets (5.5-6.5lbs each), whole turkey breasts (2.5-3.5lbs each), whole pork shoulders (5-6lbs of meat on each one), whole racks of ribs (3-3.5lbs each) and 5-packs of sausages. Pick up time for Superbowl orders will be on Sunday Feb. 3 from 3pm till 5pm.

  • Loaf of Bread


    If you make a pre-order, it will come with bread. Our ratio is one slice for every $25 spent- no complaints so far!

    If you’d like to order an additional loaf, add one of these to your order.

    The bread is made with beef tallow and butter, so it’s not vegetarian or vegan.

  • Placeholder

    BBQ Sauce


    500ML mason jar of our tangy bbq sauce.

    Our meats do not need sauce. We do not recommend ordering sauce. For those of you who insist (it’s like putting ketchup on a ribeye!), here you go!

  • 8 Pieces of Cornbread


    8-pack of our delicious cornbread! It’s got peaches in it, and maple sugar on top. Yum!

    For pre-orders, this is our smallest amount available. If you want less than 8 pieces, you can come to the restaurant and place an order at the counter.

  • Southern 9″ Pies


    Our pies are baked in-house daily. At this time we are not taking orders for specific types of pie, since our baker is making something new almost everyday! We promise it will be delicious. For Superbowl it will be key lime. Each pie has 8 slices.

  • [SUPERBOWL] Whole Turkey Breast


    3+lbs each. Brined for one week, cooked to perfection- not dry at all! Feeds 6-10 people.

  • [SUPERBOWL] Whole Rack of Spare Ribs


    3-3.5lbs each. 10-12 bones on each rack.

  • [SUPERBOWL] Whole Brisket


    5.5-6.5lbs each. Has some of the lean end and some of the moist end, so everyone’s happy! We’ll include holding & slicing instructions with each order.

    Feeds 10-15 people.

  • [SUPERBOWL] Whole Pork Shoulder


    12-hour smoked pork shoulder. Comes wrapped in foil, ready for you to shred and turn into pulled pork! Each pork shoulder has at least 5lbs of meat on it.

  • [SUPERBOWL] Whole Rack of Beef Ribs


    4-5lbs each. 3 HUGE bones. Worst value on the menu- they’re real expensive. Great for a big show at dinner!¬†We’ll include holding & slicing instructions with each order.

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    [SUPERBOWL] Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Beans