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  • Holiday Snax Box

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    You could totally pull off that you made this.

    Bring one to your holiday party!

    Cream puffs with chocolate sauce
    Eggnog cheesecake on gingersnap crust
    Festive peppermint chocolate brownie
    White choc & cranberry shortbread
    Gingerbread square with cream cheese frosting
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  • Caramel Apple Crumble


    Your grandma is going to ask us the recipe for this one. We start out with an all-butter pie crust and pack it with a selection of different types of apples to give it its enticing flavours and textures. The filling is then covered with a crisp crumble topping and slathered with a deep rich caramel sauce. (9″ pie serves 6)

  • Key Lime


    We’ve been told this is the best key lime pie outside of the Keys. The base is a delicious graham cookie crust made with butter (no margarine here). The filling consists of freshly squeezed lime juice which provides the perfect balance to the sweetness of the condensed milk. This fan favorite is then beautifully garnished with real whipped cream and slices of lime. (9″ pie serves 6)

  • Sweet Potato


    This classic Southern pie is the definition of soul food. Our all-butter crust is filled with a rich sweet potato pie filling (not from a can). Pastry Chef Dani cooks fresh sweet potatoes and infuses them with a traditional blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. This slice of heaven is then trimmed with fluffy real whipped cream and roasted pepitas. (9″ pie serves 6)

  • Birthday Cake


    This treat answers the question as to which cookie is the most popular. The kid in all of us will love the iconic flavor trio of vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, and buttery goodness. The only thing that could dial this party up to 11 is chunks of white chocolate chips … so we went ahead and invited them. You're welcome!

  • Double Chocolate Chunk


    BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE PERIOD. (Should there be a period after PERIOD? Dunno.)

  • Salted Caramel Brownie


    If looking at the picture of these brownies before you clicked on the image wasn't enough to convince you to try these, then there is nothing I can write here that will change your mind. (3 X 2-1/2″ square)

  • White Chocolate Cranberry


    Is this the healthiest cookie on the planet? Sure, why not. It's jam packed with cranberries, oatmeal, and white chocolate chunks. This cookie ticks all the boxes with a soft chewy center and a perfectly crispy edge.

  • Blueberry Custard


    Hey boys and girls, you should try and make this one at home. It's really easy. Here is the recipe. Take an all-butter short bread base and cover it with a sour cream custard. Blanket that layer with an ample helping of wild blueberries and finish with a zesty lemon crumble. On second thought, it's probably easier to just buy it from us. (3″ X 2-1/2″ square)

  • Black Forest Cheesecake


    This treat is a match made in 70's heaven. You will be witness to the flavor-marriage (trademark pending) of your parents and grandparents favorite potluck confections: black forest dessert and cheesecake. A thick slab of vanilla cheesecake is swirled with a Montmorency cherry compote and baked on an Oreo cookie base. A light drizzle of ganache completes this holy matrimony. (3″ X 2-1/2″ square)

  • Southern 9″ Pies


    Our pies are baked in-house daily. At this time we are not taking orders for specific types of pie, since our baker is making something new almost everyday! We promise it will be delicious. For Superbowl it will be key lime. Each pie has 8 slices.

  • Alison’s Soft Cookies


    Alison's soft cookies. Alison makes great cookies. Various flavors, changes daily.