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Cold Meats

We trim, season, par-cook and chill these meats. They turn out best when you finish at home in your oven / grill / sous vide. See reheating instructions on each product page.

  • Miami Beef Ribs


    We take 1/2″ thick cross-cuts of beef chuck ribs, season, and smoke to tenderness.

    They’re cooled, sauced and packed for you to reheat at home. You can grill them at low heat, or bake in your oven.

    Each pack has 6 pieces (2.5lbs cooked +-.3lbs). These are a great value!

    To reheat: simmer the ribs (in the bag) for 20 minutes. Finish on the grill, medium heat, a few minutes per side. Baste with the sauce in the container.

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  • 4 Marylands


    These 4 chicken legs are seasoned with ginger, garlic and tumerlic, then smoke roasted to perfectly crisp the skin. Served with chimichurri.

    You bake at 450 until the skin is sizzling, or grill on medium for a few minutes per side.

  • 2lbs wings


    2lbs of Brentt’s world famous smoked wings. These are cooled and packed up for you to bake at home. Really tasty Alabama style white sauce for dippin’.


    Bake on a baking sheet at 425f for 5-8 minutes.