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  • BBQ 101 Class


    You know how the saying goes… “Buy barbecue, and you eat for a day. Learn how to barbecue, you eat delicious barbecue whenever the heck you want!!!”

    This cooking class is the perfect gift for your foodie friends & fam! Know someone who loves to cook AND eat barbecue?! This is a no-brainer. Get them the gift that keeps giving.

    Spend the afternoon with our highly skilled pit crew – Brentt & Cody – in a small, intimate class (of just 12 people) to learn the basics of Texas style barbecue! This 5 hour cooking class will cover:

    -how to build and maintain a fire
    -how to trim and season meat
    -how to prepare sauce & glaze

    -how to brine poultry

    In this BBQ class you will be preparing and cooking the following:

    -full rack of pork ribs
    -jalapeno poppers
    -1/2 chicken

    You will also receieve a gift bag valued at $100, which includes:

    -an Adamson tee
    -Adamson rubs
    -a trimming knife
    -a barbecue smorgasbord lunch
    *AND you get to take home everything you made!!!*

    You’re still reading this?! Add it to your cart already and enjoy the holiday season with your feet up. We’ve got you covered!

    Class duration: 5 hours
    Date of class: Sunday January 12th
    Time of class: 2-7pm

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