Pre-Order | Adamson Barbecue

How much should I order?

We recommend 1/2lb to 1lb of meat per guest- that's a combined total of all meats. On the low end of that range, your guests will eat all the food. On the high end of that range, your guests will stuff their faces and you may have some leftovers. For sides, a pint feeds around 5 and a quart feeds around 10.

What's the pick-up procedure?

Pre-orders are prepared every morning. We'll have it ready for ya when the doors open at 11am. If you can't make it in that early, no worries! Stop by anytime before 4pm to pick it up. There's a separate pick-up window right inside the front door of the restaurant, so you won't have to wait in line. Hit the buzzer on the wall, and someone will run over from the kitchen. You'll be in and out in no time. Make sure to strut past everyone waiting in line on your way out!

How are the meats packaged?

All the meats are sliced, wrapped in butcher paper, and packed up in disposable foil containers. It'll stay nice and moist, even if you're holding it until dinner. If you'd like your meats unsliced, make a note during the checkout process.

Reheating / Holding Instructions

If you're eating the food on the same day, select HOT PICKUP during the checkout process. When you get your barbecue back to your destination, throw the whole tray into your oven at 160-170°f until you plan to eat it. It will be nice and moist- even if you're holding it until dinner!

If you're eating your barbecue at a later date, select COLD PICKUP during the checkout process. We'll make sure it's refrigerated immediately after slicing. To reheat, throw the whole tray in your oven at 250° until the meat reaches an internal temperature of 160°f. That should take 1-2 hours, depending on how much is in there.