Toronto Star: Barbecue joint brings smoked meat and a lineup to Leaside – Adamson Barbecue
adamson barbecue gets featured in the toronto star

Toronto Star: Barbecue joint brings smoked meat and a lineup to Leaside

It’s 10:30 a.m. on a Friday in a Leaside industrial park, and a small spatter of anxious patrons are already lining up for … barbecue.

Adamson Barbecue, that is — the new barbecue restaurant in town that aims to distinguish itself from others, with slow-cooked, wood-smoked, Texas-style meat.

And in the five weeks since it opened, it’s been yielding a daily weekday lineup, despite its out-of-the-way location. “Apparently they sell out really quickly,” says Grace Kim, one of six people standing outside the door on the otherwise deserted block lined with warehouses.

The joint — a brick and mortar iteration of owners Adam Skelly and Alison Hunt’s food truck and catering business — opens at 11 a.m. and closes when it runs out of meat, usually a couple hours later, Skelly says.

The menu is scrawled on salmon-coloured butcher paper taped to the white ceramic wall behind the counter, where the meat is cut before you. It includes plates with choices of brisket (the staple), spare ribs, turkey breast, pulled pork and sausage — plus frozen briskets are available at $18 a pound to take home.

By noon, Adamson was the life of Wicksteed Ave., its lineup having grown to a bustling formation of lunch-breakers and hooky-players.

“It was so good,” says Alexis Rodziewicz, throwing out her scraps. “I went back for more.” She and Leo Lau were among the first in line, having stopped in on their way to an out-of-town wedding.

Steve Burman, Farzeen Mehri and Chris Chambers are lucky to work nearby so they could sneak out to try the new “neighbourhood thing,” Chambers says. “No parking and they got this lineup?” Mehri adds, commenting on the small patch of pavement in front of the building where cars had been pulling in and out all morning. “Must be good.”


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